What Makes 1Class Work?

The People Do!

Lance Witschen
President, 1Class Consulting

Greetings and thank you for visiting 1Class Consulting!

I began my experience in the service field when I was a college student working as a custodian at 3M to help pay my tuition. Thirty-seven years later I had worked my way up through the ranks to Global Business Process Manager and had developed tools and skill sets that would save the company over 17 million dollars. While my roots are in Minnesota, I have traveled extensively, both nationally, and internationally and, without exception, I was able to bring savings to every location I visited. What do I mean by savings? Savings is generally equated with cost reductions, but it is important to note that it should also be equated with service level improvements. With the success I experienced at 3M it became clear to me that there was a real need for the service that I had developed and this led to the creation of 1Class Consulting, a company of integrity with the vision of providing "best value" services. I believe that, as you explore our website, you will discover reasons to consider the variety of services we can provide to help you achieve greater quality and efficiency in your service areas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lance L. Witschen

1Class Consulting

Our Team

1Class Consulting encompasses a team of professionals from a variety of areas who provide resources for virtually any building service need.   Extensive research and networking over the years has brought together the best of the best from the service industry.  For everything from daily cleaning services to non-hazardous waste disposal to recycling, these professionals have been carefully selected not only for their knowledge of their industry, but for their philosophical ideals in developing the service provider/client partnership.  Whether it is optimization of supply and equipment expenditures, or ServSafe certification in the food service and housekeeping industry, we have it - and so much more!

At the end of the day, it is our goal to have you as a customer for the "long haul".  While cost is an important factor, it is not the only factor.  Service is what you want, and service is what you pay for.  There would be no benefit to providing a low cost solution if it doesn't provide you with the service that you need.  Our belief is that it is critical to know and understand what you, as our customer, want and need in order to provide the service that will lead to a long-term and satisfying relationship.  All 1Class Consulting professionals have a proven ability to recognize their client's needs, and match the service providers to those needs.

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