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At 1Class Consulting, we have a combined experience of over 70 years in the service industry, bringing knowledge and expertise as cleaning consultants and general building service consultants that is second to none. 

Are you a small business or a large corporation?  Are your services in-house or contracted out

At 1Class Consulting we recognize that every dollar counts and, even though your company's service areas do not generate dollars, they shouldn't cost you more than they have to, either.  You deserve the best quality service for the best possible price and that is what a good cleaning consultant or building services consultant will help you achieve.  Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, whether your services are in-house or contracted, 1Class Consulting can help you. 

Are you a service provider?  Are you a small business serving a local market, a large, international company, or something in between?  

A good cleaning consultant or building services consultant can show you how to maximize your efficiency and increase your customer satisfaction while saving you dollars.  Let 1Class Consulting show you how.

We are also a "Green-Friendly" company. 

Click here to visit our "Going Green" page for more information.
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